The construction scene of highrise casino building

The construction scene of highrise casino building

I think that to make progress in life is directly proportional to the number of “AHA” We then act accordingly based.

   These are the epiphanies of life. Sudden ideas that strike us, we can always change the best, or you can also protect us from harm.

   This is the basis of all creativity, innovation, change of living conditions of the largest factories in the world, “C” has produced films surprisingly. Some thought we to treat a much larger than normal, which is inspired by our actions.

   If you’re like me, you get these ideas from time to time, then wonder how in the world they could implement. Some of them are outrageous. Some are so suggestive that it is difficult to get rid of them.

   The failure to investigate at least that is the platform of the failure of the life. The basis of what is often our own unbelief itself. Who am I …? etc.

   Not that we do. Every great idea that comes to act, but we pay attention to their Watch for signs of confirmation. Synchronous events are sometimes considered random, are often important clues.

   For example, you can have an idea for an unusual type of clock. They know nothing about watches and not really much to this idea. But let’s not alone. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you find someone who has a relationship with the activity of the clock. AHA? Research would be useful.

   Man is the creator first. All you have to do is create. We create our life, our situation or our challenges and solutions. Those who are willing to recognize their own personal power, must be condemned. By choice or ignorance, the victims of circumstances and external forces

   Each AHA, the problem is, how? Perhaps, when and where. But when the big AHA enough to inspire you, is small enough to find an answer. What is your risk / reward worth it?

   One of my memorable AHA is a walk through Bloomingdales in New York one day. I saw a mother scolds her 5 years in public. I wondered how long the public humiliation and rejection stay with him.

   I thought my life’s disappointments and rejection he has suffered. Not only that, but how sometimes I almost always defeated and yet had made me strong. It was a real AHA.

   That night, I gave a speech to more than 500 people to higher sales of the Hilton New York. I looked at my notes ready and told the story of the child. I discussed the possibility of rejection and how to reach us actually have more success. I taught very personal stories of the night. It was an incredible feeling of freedom.

   I’ve never had such a reaction. Like most professional speakers, I was encouraging, but never with the flow. The tears that came with him from my audience this evening

   Instead of shaking hands with me later, he thanked me and kissed me with gratitude. I was in shock.

   “How can you not take for an answer and have success, but” the most popular expression of my career as a professional speaker. Later, he wrote a book with the same title, the adoption of Larry King Jack Canfield won Og Mandino (“The Greatest Salesman in the World”) and many others.

   I finally got the rights to the book and turned it into an electronic version, which has already toured the world, the number of copies sold in the first three months of the original publisher sold in the first two years!

   The AHA moment that changed his life for me and for others. I’m glad I paid attention.

   That is why I invite you to look at the AHA in your life. Never close, but analyze with an open mind.

   Let yourself be surprised by the possibilities of potential. If AHA blows, it goes a way to realize it, as it is a passion, faith and gratitude is behind him.

   Who knows, could be the next change of life.


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