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He was there, the Carnival Pride, stands majestically in the harbor waiting to take the next group of people on the Mexican Riviera. I was pumped! I had been on cruises, but this was the first time in seven night cruise, which was on. I could not wait to board the ship and our cabin, and work on our next adventure. We set sail from Long Beach, California, on the Mexican Riviera. Our journey takes us to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. It was October and it would be nice after the site of Carnival time in Mexico. You were right.

We had. Extended balcony cabin with a balcony and we were with family who were in the cabin next to us motivates After a few try to connect and we were able to open the doors between the balconies so that they can meet all and relax and connections come and go. I recommend a room on the port side while driving, especially if you have a room with a balcony. Before we were completely out of Long Beach, which was “known” people in the room above us! The atmosphere was dedicated to the celebration and could not wait until the fun begins. The first night on a cruise, you will learn the servers in the dining room, which is you know for the cruise, and we were not disappointed. Our servers were treated like royalty and were very friendly and helpful. The dining room is bar with excellent cocktails to have with dinner and the children received extra cherries in their cherry sodas. The food was excellent and we went into the dining room and happy with everything ready to go see the show at Le Taj Mahal. Shows in the pride is fun and lively and Vegas is to remember, with one exception, are suitable for children, if you go to adult comedy. In the early evening, a night, you can go play with the kids, if you ride with you, but you can not stop comedy for adults. Later in the evening This is where Kids Camp or Camp Carnival does offer a babysitting service at a reasonable price of about 22.00 to about 03.00 clock you have sleepovers, play movies, games, crafts, and often spend a lot of time. During the day, children can spend time in Camp Carnival for free, but must be gathered for meals in most cases. My only problem with the pride had reached Camp Carnival Camp Carnival had to go into the past for cabs went, there was no other way to get there. In addition, children are taken in different parts of the ship activities and if the age group your child to Camp Carnival to go when you get to the area where the ship to leave the group. If you have more than one child cruising with you, can be a pain to have to walk the whole boat to find their audience to let in different areas.

I mentioned server at dinner. You can find them in other areas ship to other work during the day, before they start in the dining room. you have been served at the buffet, or make your coffee in a cafe. Every time they see you, they call you by your name, ask how the members of the family, and make an extra effort to ensure that you have a great time. When you’re done with your cruise, they know their favorite foods, drinks, desserts, and even more you make your favorite foods or desserts without asking!

Shops aboard Pride are wonderful, some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you can imagine, and the best part is, it’s all tax! This is the best place to buy your souvenirs. On this cruise for two nights formal dinner. I recommend that you attend at least one of them and get portraits done. Images can be taken with different backgrounds and images and choose which ones to buy. You do not have to buy one of them. It is up to you, but it is a good way to get that family portrait you’ve always wanted! Another place on the boat to have a good time at the casino. They offer everything from slot machines, blackjack, poker, just remember not to spend all your time there. You should also consider one of the many pools on deck, the. Careers and various outdoor activities on board Watch the spa! Get a massage or get your hair done for formal night. Each evening you will find a calendar Carnival Capers in his cabin with his towel animal. Look at this time, you will learn about the events of the next day’s activities, entertainment and much more.

However, the great ship Carnival Pride is full of friendly people. I hope to return with them, even if I have to hurry and book. Soon, the Carnival Splendor I care about the way of pride and pride is sent elsewhere. If you recommend looking for a cruise line that offers fun for the whole family on a long cruise, the Carnival Pride. It is a class of ships and Carnival Spirit is one of the best online boat for this company.

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