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The priest, who has one of the most important classes of World of Warcraft. Some of the facilities that make not only fun to play, but also great allies in the group and raid WoW Priest Guide to take a look at some of its main strengths, weaknesses and talents.

His main skill lies in his ability to use spells to protect themselves and others. They can also both be back to revive fallen allies and destroy their enemies.

WoW Priest Guide begin by examining some of your skills.

Or healing abilities: They are a great way to heal individual and collective goals. Resurrection O: As mentioned earlier, can heal fallen comrades. O Holy Magic: This offer fans can cause loss and damage and healing or Shadow Magic: This can various damages, including direct, and eventually control drains mana aggro cause and Mind Control or Crowd Control : control crowds skills, although it is rather limited.

Let’s look at some of their weaknesses.

or Armor: Priests are limited to knitting. Or weapons: hands masses are usually simple and sticks, but you can learn daggers and staves. or Low to melee, two weaknesses combined melee are bad priest and have low life points.

As I said chief priest talent lies in his ability to heal, but the healing domain can be difficult, especially in groups. This is because it requires a lot of concentration and quick reflexes.

Now let’s finish the WoW Priest guide with a look at their three talent trees important discipline, holy and shadow.

Or Discipline: When you choose the discipline talent tree, you are prepared for raids and PvP, as it will be able to survive. More talent in this release is to limit the damage as well as healing and protection. In fact, the main purpose of a group to use this talent is the live tank. Priests used to this one of the best healing spells to update all Warcraft called repentance. Spirit or: If you want to be your role as a healer, then you choose the pastor. They are extremely versatile and ideal for group healing. Some of the facilities here are spiritual leadership, Circle of Healing and Guardian Spirit. or Shadow: Well, on the other hand, if you want to inflict damage in combat, select the Shadow Priest. Mind Flay is one of the spells used in the fight. It not only causes damage, but slows enemies by 50%. For PvP, two spells you will use Psychic Scream and Silence.

To standardize the priestly class you need to build the right team and talents. But they have the most fun to make sure you have a talent build that suits your playing style.

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