Does your Xbox 360 have the RROD, E74, or another common mistake? Are you concerned about the correctness of Xbox 360 is right for you is confused?

   Many homeowners are by the number of fixed combinations of Xbox 360 across the internet to cope.

   Most people are looking for the fastest solution, but you should be sure to look for these “quick fixes”. Some of these solutions are quick towel trick involves wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel and turn the stick / clip, fans stop going with sticks and clips. Napkin, toothpick, clip and tip are three popular Xbox 360 and the patches are on YouTube. Both corrections are allegedly detrimental to the system, and I recommend you stay away from them. Heat the patch, the entire system, not just a specific problem areas, causing more problems than they had before.

   The two towers, which I mentioned earlier, you will work the best on Xbox 360 for a week. In other words, if no damage to the system during the process. The towel and turn stick Both are specifically designed to heat your Xbox 360 to the solder connecting the GPU chip on the motherboard. The GPU is a chip that is almost always responsible for the appearance of the red rings of death (RROD). Well, most of the time, you can add some motherboard GPU with a towel or toothpick trick, but there are two major problems / risks. The first problem is that the system itself is not enough heat to replace the entire motherboard GPU. Another risk is that the motherboard is not properly isolated. Without the motherboard is well insulated, you run the risk of damage to other components on the motherboard. Xbox 360 motherboard is not well insulated, if you take your console apart. If the patch is not open the console, you probably will not work, or will last for a very short time.

  So if the warranty is valid and he is determined to fix your Xbox 360 yourself, stay away from the towel trick, trick sticks and any other solution as quickly as you do not need to open the console.


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