Pair of Kings

Pair of Kings

Are you trying to increase dramatically? His ability to use a proxy to finally defeat your opponents in Starcraft 2 Well, that’s the big advantage that it is trying to do this “proxy” technology and ultimately to master perfection!

Here are just a word of warning, however, it is actually quite difficult to proxy with Zerg, because its speed is slow Zerg hatcheries prices are obviously a good career choice, as in all races, but the proxy thing? Nah. I would not.

What ProxyingProxying is simple, it is only for a quarter or a gateway. (Obviously Terran Protoss, respectively), outside the enemy’s base rate at the start of the game and as I said a Zerg player may not deduct time for hatchery production.

ProtossYou to ensure that as soon as the game starts, you will send a worker to your opponents base and wants to build a tower, the reason is, of course, you have to feed him, what right?

Now, after doing this, you want two bridges near the enemy base and all you want is the design, to make sure you create a few more workers to increase mineral and build your business.

If your opponent has no units, however, then just go to these units and destroy enemy buildings, units produced, but when some units or troops available, which wants to build two more fans.

If you are a Terran TerranIf you want to build a barracks as soon as possible, but there are two things you should consider.

The two different strategies

Zerg – If you are a Zerg, then you have to go with the soldier for 5-6 zerg terran can easily produce a queen or something and just leave at least.

Terran or Protoss – you want to build reapers during a jetpack. They are very effective, but you’ll have the technologies very quickly and a gas refinery in the beginning. Create lab assistant, so that a reaper and build a bunker next to the exploitation of the miners, who are going to see, but it will not be what you can do about it.

Turn your mower, in the bunker, and if the Protoss, you want to play outside or comet fan and beat slowly.

But if Terran, then want to easily manage Marines Marines because obviously weak against the Reapers, but the Marauders are strong against the Reapers, so be sure to kill to prevent the formation of gas gathering Marauders.

Then the pumping device will be destroyed!

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